Frequently asked questions

How is Brand Strategy process structured?

The brand strategy process is formed of five key stages – Discovery, Strategy Creation, Value and Review, hence the name DSCVR. Each stage provide an intense breakdown of what are brand need in order to identify and nurture the relationship with target audience.

How do I know if DSCVR is right for my business.

If any of the following statements apply to you, DSCVR might be a great fit for you. - I have an idea for a business/product/service and I need to create a solid brand foundation to build on. - I have a business but I need a strong brand presence. - I have a business but have not identified a specified target audience. - I have a business and I want to start a new product-line. - I have products or services that are unfamiliar to the market. - I have products or services that can benefit from increased awareness. - I offer a variety of products/services that don't fall under a corporate brand, but can be assimilated into a family. - I offer high-end and low-end solutions to meet the needs of the various levels of the market. - I offer a very diverse set of products and services that need different brand identities. - I offer two or more products that compete in the same category but appeal to very different users. - I sell through multiple channels, create a different brand around each channel's product.

How long is the duration of the entire DSCVR Methodology?

The duration of the DSCVR Methodology typically take 45-60 days to complete (45 days being the minimum duration, 60 being our longest temporary project.) The duratin of your project will be constingent on the scope and specs at your request.


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