Covid19 Accommodations

Dear Friends,

As we have entered the sixth month of the covid19 pandemic, we have not formally addressed the current situation with anyone other than our internal team. For this, we apologize. From the outset, we intend to protect all partners, employees, and clientele. At this time, no one within our network has contracted the covid19 virus. Nonetheless, we are making provisions to mitigate the risk of coming in contact with the virus. See below:

  • Cease all in-person meetings effective immediately

  • All employees and partners will work on a remote status at the place of their choosing. Existing remote workers will remain in place.

  • All building key access cards will be deactivated on Aug 22, 2020.

  • All meetings will be held via conference call and video conferencing.

  • On-site visiting portions of Interior design services will be reduced to essential visits only.

Our internal team has been thoroughly informed about these guidelines. This message is intended for those who have quested insight into our internal procedures. Mark Allan + Assoc. is still open for business and working on several exciting projects that will be announced soon. We hope you find this letter helpful, and please feel free to reach out at any time.