Google Search + Google Ads Display

Google Search + Google Ads Display


We'll do the keyword research, budget setup, mediaplan and targeting necessary to set the campaign on the right track.   This setup can accommodate campaigns with $2000 - $4999 as a monthly ad budget and will only require combination of Google Search and Google Display in its monthly optimization.

  • Coverage

    Standalone campaign setup product that combines the immense reach of both Google Search and Facebook Ads

    Project Kickoff

    • Official acceptance of the project. 


    Intake Process

    • Gather all relevant access details. Understanding of the business, its products and services, and most importantly the goals and objectives of the campaign.


    Media Plan Creation

    • This involves channel recommendations and budget allocation based on the details in the client Intake.


    Accounts creation

    • Creation or access granting of either Google Ads* accounts or Facebook/Instagram* profiles depending on the chosen platforms.


    Digital Integration

    • Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Analytics*, Facebook Pixel*, Remarketing Tags* integration depending on chosen relevant platforms.